Digital Gift Cards Now Available!

Giving the gift of stress relief can make you a winner! If you want a gift that will be a big hit, consider a gift card for home organizing. Buying a loved one a chunk of organizing time can be the push they need to declutter their world!


New  For 2019!

Organizing & Saving All 2019

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Organizing & Saving All 2019

The package that offers the most savings – all year long! If your resolution is to get more organized, declutter and let go in 2019, this package is for you! This package offers a 10% savings on the initial purchase of a six or an eight-hour package and continues to save you money throughout the year. For each additional organizing session, you will continue to save – up to six times in 2019!  

6 Initial Hours – $270, plus 15% off each additional service in 2019 . Discount on future services are applied at the time of service.

8 Initial Hours – $360, plus 20% off each additional service in 2019. Discount on future services are applied at the time of service.


  • Maximum of 6 additional services after initial purchase
  • Discount can only be used on organizing time and not organizing products purchased for you by Organize Me! 
  • Discount can by applied to any organizing service of two hours or more but excludes the repurchase of this package.
  • Discount cannot be combined with other discounts
  • Discount on future services are applied at the time of service.
  • Organize Me! does not provide in depth cleaning, furniture assembly or disassembly

New  For 2019!

Stress Free Organizing Package: Leave the Organizing to me!
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Leave the organizing to me!

Let’s face it, most people can’t bear the thought of having to organize their home. The stress associated with it becomes too much for you – but it’s not too much for me.  

This package encourages you to allow me to organize while you do something relaxing. Take a bath? Use the face mask included? Watch TV or read a book! The choice is yours. The goal is to decrease the stress clients feel when taking on an organizing project! 

You pay for the organizing and the following items are given to you at no additional charge! 

(1) Neutrogena face mask, (1) Locally made goat’s milk soap from Painted Pastures, (1) Trial size Olay Regenerist Serum, (1) Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box and (1) Scented Candle 

Stress free organizingTerms:

  • Products are chosen at Organize Me!’s discretion. Substitions are not allowed
  • Organize Me! provides organizing services including sorting, viewing, discarding, donation, etc. Items donated and trashed will be reviewed with client.
  • Organize Me! does not provide in depth cleaning services, assembly or disassembly

Hourly Organizing

Just want to buy a chunk of organizing time? Here you can! This can be used for any home organizing project you may need. Available with a minimum of just two hours at a rate of $50.00 per hour.

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Hourly Organizing Services

The Organize Me! Package

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The Organize Me! Package

For families with a general organizing need, choose the Organize Me! Package. Your family may be running around busily enjoying life while household organization has fallen to the wayside.

Working as a team, we will review the area of concern draw out a plan for organization. Organize Me! will shoulder the burden of sorting through large amounts of stuff.

Suggestions for the Organize Me! Package may include the following (or something else!)

  • Large seasonal projects such as garages
  • Attic, basement or other large storage spaces
  • Overhauling family toys, clothes, etc that are no longer wanted
  • Reorganizing & tidying of high traffic areas like bedrooms, living rooms or entryways

Allow Organize Me! to take this burden from you; because it is truly what I love!

Keep Me Organized Maintenance Services

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Maintenance Services

Maintaining organization is critical to permanently removing the stress of a messy home.  Allow Organize Me! to complete your home’s organizational need on a continuous basis.

Suggestions for using maintenance services include the following.

  • Organizing high traffic areas
  • Organizing and rearranging (if desired!) of frequently used areas
  • Keeping kids rooms organized
  • School homework areas or home office areas

Organize Me! recognizes that everyone’s need is different. For this reason, maintenance services are available for three, six or eight hours on a monthly basis.

In order to receive special pricing with these maintenance services, a minimum of two separate dates must be booked at the time of initial reservation. Services must be continued at least once every month.

The Moving Package

The Moving Package

You hate moving, Organize Me! loves it. Make both of us happy by allowing yourself the luxury of purchasing the Moving Package.

The Moving Package helps make it a lot easier and less stressful. Allow Organize Me! to take care of the little details so you can worry about other aspects of your new home journey.

The moving package includes the following:

  • 6 Hours of Packing & Organizing Assistance
  • 10 Heavy Duty Medium Sized boxes
  • 10 Heavy Duty Small Sized boxes
  • 1 Large Roll of Bubble Wrap
  • 50 Sheets of Packing Paper
  • 1 Roll of Shipping Tape
  • Additional necessary supplies for labeling such as markers, scissors, box labels.
  • Savings of 10% from Organize Me!’s regular fee for any additional organizing time or packing supplies needed to complete your project

This bundled package has a total savings of 20%. Whether you focus on money saved, time saved or sanity saved; The Moving Package is sure to make your move to your new home a little easier to manage!


  • Additional 10% discount may only be used to complete a moving project begun with Organize Me!
  • Organize Me! is responsible for the purchase and providing of all supplies listed. Products purchased are solely at the discretion of Organize Me!
  • The Moving Package includes the products listed above as well as home organizing services. Organizing services includes packing, sorting, recycling, trashing, handling, viewing and other necessary means to assist in a moving project. Organizing services do not include cleaning or furniture installation or disassembly or moving services.
  • Package is for six hours. If this time is split, the total six hours must be used within one weeks’ time.
  • Organize Me! is not responsible for items damaged during a move after packing and organizing services are received.