The Pick Your Room Package

Organize Me!’s new, most flexible package!
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Pick Your Room Package

Sometimes when we start thinking about the clutter in our homes, we don’t know where to start. It may be best to simply pick a room – one at a time. The Pick Your Room Package allows you to do just that. You have your choice of the bathroom, kitchen or one bedroom.

Together we will tackle one project at a time, allowing you to keep from getting overwhelmed. We will focus on one room and get it back to a functional living space. Below is a snapshot of what may be included in the Pick Your Room Package:

  • Four or eight hours of home organizing
  • Sorting through clothes, shoes and other bedroom items
  • Finding a permanent home for Tupperware, cookware and dining sets
  • Unpacking overstuffed bathroom cabinets

Aside from the four or eight hours of home organizing, each package also comes with six 5-liter extra small storage buckets. This size is excellent for using inside of cabinets or closets. Additionally, you will receive two decorative storage baskets for counter tops or bedsides.


The Organize Me! Package

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The Organize Me! Package

For families with a general organizing need, choose the Organize Me! Package. Your family may be running around busily enjoying life while household organization has fallen to the wayside.

Working as a team, we will review the area of concern draw out a plan for organization. Organize Me! will shoulder the burden of sorting through large amounts of stuff. This will require minimal effort on your part but you will get back to loving your space, leaving you refreshed!

Suggestions for the Organize Me! Package may include the following (or something else!)

  • Large seasonal projects such as garages
  • Attic, basement or other large storage spaces
  • Overhauling family toys, clothes, etc that are no longer wanted
  • Reorganizing & tidying of high traffic areas like bedrooms, living rooms or entryways

In order to check those large projects off that to do list, a significant time investment becomes necessary. Allow Organize Me! to take this burden from you; because it is truly what I love!

Keep Me Organized Maintenance Services

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Keep Me Organized Maintenance Services

Maintaining organization is critical to permanently removing the stress of a messy home. Most of us simply do not have the time to continually clean and organize our homes. Allow Organize Me! to complete your home’s organizational need on a continuous basis.

Suggestions for using maintenance services include the following.

  • Organizing high traffic areas such as entryways, coat closet’s, laundry rooms or clothing closets.
  • Organizing and rearranging (if desired!) of frequently used areas such as living rooms, kitchens or play rooms.
  • Keeping kids rooms organized and tips on how to keep their rooms clutter free.
  • School homework areas or home office areas that receive a lot of use and easily clutter

Organize Me! recognizes that everyone’s need is different. For this reason, maintenance services are available for three, six or eight hours. Services can be booked  on a monthly or bi monthly basis (or more if needed!). In order to receive special pricing with these maintenance services, a minimum of two separate dates must be booked at the time of initial reservation. Services must be continued at least once every other month.

The Clothing Bonanza

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The Clothing Bonanza

It’s just a fact of life. We use a lot of clothes, towels and blankets. That only gets more burdensome when you have a bigger family. We continually are washing, drying, folding and putting away laundry. You may want to go through your kid’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and donate or sell them. Help may be needed to figure out what clothes they may need for the new school year.Relief is here for any and all of your clothing and linen needs! This four or eight-hour package can serve as an amazing sense of relief and can include the following.

  • Washing, drying and folding or hanging of laundry
  • Completely putting away laundry in designated areas
  • Sorting through clothing to sort out items that are no longer wanted
  • Creating a list of items that may be needed for yourself or your children after older items have been eliminated
  • Rotating and storing items based on the season
  • Reorganizing closets, dressers, wardrobes or other storage areas for your items
  • Scheduling pickup for unwanted items

If you are ready to get unburied from your laundry horrors than this is the package for you! Allow me to do your laundry for you so you can get back to enjoying little moments with your family.

The Baby Bundle

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The Baby Bundle

Organize Me! can serve as the perfect assistance to the parents to be for their nesting and organizational needs. The Baby Bundle is great for gifting at your next baby shower or to allow yourself some relief. We can conquer this exciting project together and determine a setup which will be successful for you and your new bundle of joy.

This package is for four consecutive hours and suggestions for use include the following:

  • New baby clothes: Sorting, removing tags, washing, folding and putting away
  • Arranging baby’s room or space in a functional way for your family
  • Setting up your crib or sleeping area, changing table or feeding or nursing station
  • Sorting through all items and separating any out that will be for later use such as larger clothes or shoes
  • Assisting with writing thank you cards for gifts received from a baby shower

Together, we can review your family dynamics, expectations for your child’s space and how having a newborn will look for you. These aspects will help Organize Me! plan out and create a space which will help ease the challenges of having a newborn and allow you to better enjoy the little moments of their arrival

Hourly Organizing

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Hourly Organizing Services

Just want to buy a chunk of organizing time? Here you can! This can be used for any home organizing project you may need. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Hourly organizing is available with a minimum of just two hours at a rate of $50.00 per hour.