Meet Carolyn

Carolyn has always had an enjoyment and natural ability to organizing and put things away. Her day doesn’t quite feel complete until she has cleaned and organized some portion of space. Carolyn especially enjoys working in homes with young children and finding ways to relieve parents of their inevitable clutter while creating a space that still allows children to access their belongings and create ease in the clean-up process. She doesn’t necessary focusing on the purchasing of new organizational products such as buckets or drawers unless desired; but attempts to find a better way to recreate the space and items already available in your home. Together, we will work together to create a system that works for your home sanctuary.
The Baby Bundle

The Baby Bundle

Are you soon expecting the arrival of a new little bundle of joy? Will you been attending a baby shower of a loved one or friend and want to get a gift that will blow them away? Organize Me! can serve as the perfect assistance to the parents to be for their nesting and organizational needs.


Proper placement for all baby items is an important transition step for life after child birth. Having every item in its place will make it easier for the whole family to get into a routine. If this is not a first child, rearranging a room may become necessary to make more space. Your home will become functional and visually appealing.


The Baby Bundle consists of four consecutive hours and suggestions for use include the following.

  • New baby clothes: Sorting, removing tags, washing, folding and putting away
  • Arranging baby’s room/space in a functional way for your family
  • Setting up your crib or sleeping area, changing table & feeding or nursing station
  • Sorting through all items and separating any out that will be for later use
  • Creating an inventory of your child’s items and determining any additional needs

Together, we can review your family dynamics, expectations for your child’s space and how having a newborn will look for you. These aspects will help Organize Me! plan out and create a space which will help ease the challenges of having a newborn and allow you to better enjoy the little moments of their arrival.

The Clothing Bonanza

The Clothing Bonanza

It’s just a fact of life. We use a lot of clothes, towels and blankets. That only gets more burdensome when you have a bigger family. Parents are always picking up clothes left around the house, making and washing our children’s beds and using our towels for everything around the house. All of this can seem unbearable and overwhelming.

You may want to go through your kid’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and donate or sell them or to help figure out what clothes they may need for the new school year. Seasonally, many of us also go through our clothes and blankets to bring out the winter or summer items. Relief is here for all of your clothing and linen needs!

This is a four or eight-hour package. Suggestions for use include the following:

  • Washing, drying and folding or hanging of laundry
  • Completely putting away laundry in designated areas
  • Sorting through clothing to sort out items that are no longer wanted
  • Creating a list of items that may be needed for yourself or your children
  • Rotating clothing and blankets based on the season. Storing items which are not presently needed
  • Reorganizing closets, dressers, wardrobes or other storage areas for your items

I can help you get back on track and complete a job that your family doesn’t have time to spare. Allow me to do your laundry for you; so you can get back to enjoying the little moments with your family.

Organize Me! Package

The Organize Me! Package

For more of a general organizing need, choose The Organize Me! package. Your recipient can use the time for whatever project they desire. Together, we will review the area of concern and I will draw out a plan to best organize their belongings. The family which uses this package will have to put in minimal effort but will get back to loving their space!


Maybe a loved one has a large project that they need help completing. Most of us don’t have the extra time (and shouldn’t have to!) to devote to these projects. This flexible package is available in either a consecutive four hour or consecutive eight hour session.


Suggestions for use include the following; or others based upon discussion.

  • Large seasonal projects such as sorting through garages
  • Attic or basement spaces
  • Overhauling of family toys, clothes or other items that are no longer wanted to needed.
  • Separating out items for donation or disposal
  • Reorganization of high traffic rooms such as playrooms, bedrooms and closets, kitchen or entryways
  • Basic cleaning such as sweeping, dusting or wiping

Allow Organize Me! to take this burden from you; because it is truly what I love! I will provide time families are not willing to take away from their families. The result will be an organized space which will be enjoyed for months to come.