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food pantry organization

Women’s Day Guide to a Well-Organized Pantry

Get smart tips for keeping your cabinets stocked and under control food pantry organization

Think of your pantry the way you think of your refrigerator—as the food command center of your home. “You want to be able to open your cupboards and make dinner,” says Amy Pennington, author of Urban Pantry. “You can’t do that if your pantry only has flour, sugar, nuts and cereal.” And you can’t do that if you don’t know what you have or where it is. What you need is a master plan to get your pantry well-stocked, well-organized and ready for duty.

5 Universal Rules
Whether your pantry is a few shelves in the cupboard, a walk-in closet or three deep drawers, you can make it work. Just stick to these rules:

1. Know what you use. How to know what to keep a stash of? Ask yourself what you eat most. If you love rice, then a 20-lb bag is great (if you’ve got the space). If you’re crackers about crackers, sure, keep a row of them. Avoid the common mistake of filling your pantry with foods you don’t often use, such as a supersize bag of flour or a row of powdered drinks.

2. Shop small. I know, this is contrary to the dogma of rolling up to Costco in your minivan, but you don’t need a pantry that can feed your family through autumn, bomb-shelter style. The idea is to keep all items in your pantry constantly in use, filling the space you have with whatever healthy foods you might need. “People tend to go to warehouse clubs and buy giant family packs, then those huge boxes sit half-used for a year,” says Scott Dolich, chef at Park Kitchen restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Buy in bulk only the stuff you use often.

3. Go canned. “A lot of people think canned goods are not as fresh, but canned vegetables are picked at their peak freshness, so they’re a great way to keep your pantry stocked,” says David Mechlowicz, culinary purchasing manager for Food Network. You can also enhance what you’re serving by adding fresh items to canned products. In other words, when you want to make a stew or soup or spruce up pasta, canned tomatoes are better than no tomatoes. Ditto with artichokes, pineapple, and pretty much every fruit and many nonleafy veggies.

4. Unwrap. “Most people don’t unwrap excess packaging before putting away foods,” says Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet. “Take paper towels, for instance. Cut off that overwrap that holds the rolls together, and you can fit individual rolls much easier.” Ditto for soda, snack packs and multipacks.

5. Be cool. Pretty much all pantry items do well in cool, dark environments. “Store foods away from your stove,” says Dolich. The biggest threat? Nearby appliances giving off heat. Dampen your hand and feel around your pantry to make sure the fridge or dishwasher isn’t heating it.

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Overwhelming Laundry

hanging clothes neat

Your laundry nightmares = My enjoyment!

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Your family most certainly has backed up loads of laundry that never end. You are probably feeling like you can never keep up or that all you do is laundry. Let Organize Me! relieve this burden from you. Allowing Organize Me! to help you dig out from your laundry troubles will save you loads of time (pun intended!)

The Clothing Bonanza package is perfect for busy families who just don’t want to waste their family time. Whatever your family needs as far as laundry needs, is what I will provide. Maybe you simply want me to collect, wash, dry and fold your laundry. You may even want more. Organize Me! is ready to do all of the previous listed and any of the following listed below.

  • Sorting based on family member
  • Separating based on season
  • Sorting based on where items need to be put away
  • Put away laundry in designated areas
  • Storing clothing or items that aren’t seasonally necessary
  • Sorting any items for trash or donation
  • Laundry may include clothes, towels, bedding, etc
  • Any other tasks we discuss


overwhelming laundry folded-laundry

If you are ready to get rid of your piles of laundry all over your house, call Organize Me! I am excited to tackle all of your laundry troubles and get your clothes back to neat piles. Rescue yourself today with The Clothing Bonanza package!

Hall Closet Organizing

living room closet organizing

closet-1-after-organizedLiving Room Closet OrganizingLiving Room Closet After

Have a living room closet that is highly disorganized? I think everyone has at least one closet that turns into a ‘catch all’. Even if it isn’t highly over cluttered, Organize Me! can help. I can help you dig out those items you forgot you even had. We can create a space where you and your kids can easily store games, toys and extra items.

Check out the before and after images and see what even the smallest amount of tidying can do. This project was one that was completed after a move. Items ended up in this closet, some still in boxes. In a matter of an hour, this project was completed. It was simply a matter of unpacking, throwing away trash and organizing. Here is a project snapshot:

  • Time taken: 1 hour
  • Area size: Small closet, approximately 5 feet long by 8 feet tall
  • Level of disorganization: Minimum disorganization
  • Level of free space created: cleared floor space almost entirely. Created extra space on 1 shelf


Yard Organizing

yard clean up
I used to love make a difference day! You can use Organize Me! for your yard organizing and clean up too! Check out their story below.Student photo

Those lawns buried with leaves and twigs were no match for the two dozen students and staff members who cleaned the yards of 12 seniors citizens today as part of Make a Difference Day.

The cleanup was successful thanks to the 16 students and eight staff members who grabbed rakes and worked in the yards until they were clear. The school connected with the seniors through the efforts of The Glenville Senior Center, St. Joseph’s Church, The First Reformed Church, Our Redeemer Lutheran, and The Scotia United Methodist Church.

“I am very proud of the effort and enthusiasm that our staff and students displayed yesterday,” said Anthony Peconie, Middle School assistant principal. “Every home that we arrived at was extremely grateful for our help.” At many stops, he said, community members provided our students and staff with water, apples, and for one lucky group ice cream.”

“This is another wonderful example of the positive attitudes and the selfless giving of our staff and students,” added Peconie.

 In order to pay for the transportation costs to make this day possible, the students and staff at the MS raised $250 through a hat/I-Pod day. In addition, a staff member who wishes to stay anonymous provided a $100 dollar donation to support this effort. “I am grateful to work alongside such dedicated staff members and civic minded students,” he said. “This was a great experience for all who participated.”

He commended Lori Stern and Mike Ready from the bus garage for their ability to get students to and from the locations efficiently.

These students participated in the Make a Difference Day: Alia Acosta, Donovan Allen, Luke Arocho, Erica Conley, Sean Dolen, Anna Jones, Tyler Long, Justin O’Neil, Ben Petralia, Cassie Rumfelt, Mikayla Schoonmaker, , Zach Swain, Gabriella Tallman, Camryn Verdi and Asia Winney,

These staff members participated in the event: Tammy Boyd, Allen Calhoun, Sarah Cardinali, Debbie Collins, Suzanne Denney, David Gildersleeve and Amy Lyons

Here is a video with scenes from Make a Difference Day –

Organizing with pets

pet home organizing

Have you ever noticed that having pets is like having additional people living in your home? They have toys, supplies, beds, and recreational accessories to keep them busy.  Instead of your home staying organized it is getting cluttered and before you know it, your pets will be running the house! The same organization that you strive to accomplish for your family should be the same for your pets.

  1. How Much Stuff do They Need? This tip can be applied to any task when you are organizing. How much do your pets use on a regular basis?  How much is novelty or one-time belongings that can be thrown away or given to a neighbor? The reality is, if you want to organize you will have to purge.  Dog owners for example tend to house a lot of toys, and supplies and many of the items are in disrepair or don’ get used. Even cat owners have balls, and toys for their cats which roll under the couch and become lost anyway! Purge so you can organize what your pets really use.Read more:
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