How Many Hours Should I Book?

Ever think about purchasing some organizing help but don't know how long a project might take? Take a look at the examples below to help you form an idea! Of course, every situation and personal interactions will vary.

Linen Closets, Unaided

Top – 1 Hour

Bottom – 1 Hr 15 Mins

Linen Closet before and after


Walk In Closet, 3 Hours Unaided (2 Photos)

closet organizing

Kitchen Cabinet (1 area)

Unaided – 1 Hour











Attic, 3 Hours Unaided






Storage Unit – 8 Hours

Assistance of 1 aid

storage unit organizingstorage unit organizing

Tool Storage/Garage – 6 Hours

Assistance of shelf building as well as organizing tools

tool storage beforetool storage beforetool storage aftertool storage after 2

Office/Craft Room – 6 Hours (+client time alone, sorting)

Client also assisted for 4 hours sorting and organizing