Organizing Products: To Buy or Not To Buy?

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Even with the introduction of “Tidying Up” featuring Marie Kondo, people still have a lot of questions about home organizing. Upon meeting me for the first time and discovering that I’m a home organizer, I hear several of the same responses.

The classic line that starts with a laugh: “You don’t want to see my house” or “Do you have a whole month to help me?”

The similar minded: “I love organizing and always wanted to start a business like that”

Or the inquisitive: “How do you go about organizing?”

And the line that leads me to this article: “So do you get baskets and totes and help people put stuff away?”

While storage systems and containers are extremely useful and often come in handy, they aren’t the first place I jump to. When I help a client organize, I encourage them to first complete the organizing process or at least get a few hours in before purchasing storage items. This of course can vary for different situations, but I generally follow this rule.

Why wait? There are a few benefits. Primarily, home organizing is about sorting and letting go. Often times, clients may feel that there isn’t a ton they want to let go of but as the hours tick by, they feel empowered and are just done with their clutter. Giving items away to those in need becomes a relieving and fantastic feeling. Clients may end up with less stuff than they originally believed they would.

As part of the organizing process, I have found many containers, shelving units, hangers and cubbies not being utilized fully. I can count on one hand the number of clients I’ve had that needed to purchase more organizing products. My ability to find the best ways to maximize the space and products available nearly eliminates the need to spend on more.

Often times I also see clients attempt to use organizing products that only cause more clutter. Certain items (such as systems that are difficult to put together or flimsy systems) don’t ever get used properly. They end up shoved in a corner only taking up more space.

So, not to buy seems to be the way I lean. For someone who is looking to completely redesign or who wants an area to be completely matching; purchasing can definitely be beneficial. If you do purchase, chose high quality items that will be worth your money. Cheaper plastic bins and totes crack or shatter easy. Flimsy drawer dividers can become more of a nuisance than helpful.

My final suggestions – give home organizing a try and sort through your belongings before spending your hard earned money on products that will take up more space!

2019 Hours

Happy New Year!

Updated 2019 Hours

New year, new hours! I often review my hours and compare to client needs as well as my family needs. I make an attempt to be available to clients with all kinds of schedules. If you’re schedule is tough and you just can’t fit an appointment in to one of my openings, reach out to me! I am more than happy to work with you on a time that can meet both our needs!

My goal is to help you achieve your organizing goals and have it be as minimally stressful as possible!

Sunday: 12:00pm – 7:00pm
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm

When you’re ready to start your organizing journey, schedule online!

Organize Me! in the Frederick News Post!

Unique Businesses in Frederick County!

The Frederick News Post published this fantastic article on unique businesses in Frederick County! It features a few local businesses (including Organize Me!) and talks about what makes them unique and how they succeed. Read up on the benefits of these awesome local business by following the link below!

When you need the uniqueness of home organizing in your life, reach out to Organize Me!

2 Hour Walk in Closet

organized frederick closet
Walk In Closet
Organized in two hours!

Here’s what happens when hard work pays off! After only two hours, great progress was made. This client’s determination to have more room in her closet motivated her to eliminate what wasn’t necessary anymore. We eliminated a total of four trash bags of clothing to go to donation! After sorting, properly folding & hanging, a great deal of space was revealed.

The items on the bed were also sorted and properly put inside the closet or given for donation. While there are still a few remaining items to sort through, I’d say this project was a great success! Check out the pictures below to see how motivation and being ready to let go can help move your home forward.

When you’re ready to start transforming your home, reach out to Organize Me!

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Creating New Habits

Creating New Habits in Your Life

We all say there are things in our lives that we want to change or do. It can be easy to simply state that you are going to start a new diet or exercise regimen. You may also be hopeful that you will be more organized in life moving forward. Most of us probably don’t realize what it takes for these goals to stick permanently.  A range of information is available about how to build habits and how long it takes. Regardless of the source, time and repetition are essential to the success of creating habits.

So, what is the actual time commitment we are looking at to get these new habits in order? Based on an article by, the average time for a habit to stick is 66 days!  This information is based on a study completed of 96 participants and routines they were building. If you are ready to change for the long haul, here are some tips to help you stay successful.

  • Persistence is a must
  • Get support from people
  • Early on, set reminders
  • Aim for one habit at a time
  • Know that it’s difficult

You will have the most success if you are honest with yourself from the beginning. To know that it will be difficult and you need to keep at it from the start will help you during the hard days. There may be days that you don’t feel like doing the said task. Think about the finish and take it one day at a time. If you think you may easily give up, tell others about your new habit. Sharing what you are aiming for will help you to be held accountable. If you think your problem may be forgetting, set a reminder. You can use your phone, computer, an alarm clock or a simple written note. Eventually, your body will remember on its own. Just know, that it may take 66 days (or more!) to get your habit down.

For more information on building habits and the study completed, visit

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Why you should shred your personal mail

organize paper piles

Why you should shred your personal mail

Article from Today

Have you ever been concerned about your trash and the information you put in it? We get all kinds of information in the mail. We simply do not have the time to go through each piece and realize most of it is trash. So what do we do? Throw it away. This article suggests that this possibly is not the best choice. The story outlined by Jim Stickley shows how easily it can be for someone to gain access to your personal information.

Think about what is in your trash. Credit card offers, statements, utility bills and private invitations. Some of these articles of mail include account information and payment records. Based on the article, it is easy for people to pose as companies and contact you for further information based on data from your mail. These individuals can easily take your trash once it is placed out on your curb for pickup.

Lucky, there are ways to protect yourself from this type of identity theft. Consider the following options:

  • Buying a personal shredding for your home and complete shredding at least once a week
  • Bring your documents to a secure location for proper shredding, such as Staples
  • Purchase an ID protector which is an ink stamp that will block out sensitive information

If you are concerned or unsure about whether you should be concerned about shredding your documents, check out the full story.

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Hall Closet Organizing

living room closet organizing

closet-1-after-organizedLiving Room Closet OrganizingLiving Room Closet After

Have a living room closet that is highly disorganized? I think everyone has at least one closet that turns into a ‘catch all’. Even if it isn’t highly over cluttered, Organize Me! can help. I can help you dig out those items you forgot you even had. We can create a space where you and your kids can easily store games, toys and extra items.

Check out the before and after images and see what even the smallest amount of tidying can do. This project was one that was completed after a move. Items ended up in this closet, some still in boxes. In a matter of an hour, this project was completed. It was simply a matter of unpacking, throwing away trash and organizing. Here is a project snapshot:

  • Time taken: 1 hour
  • Area size: Small closet, approximately 5 feet long by 8 feet tall
  • Level of disorganization: Minimum disorganization
  • Level of free space created: cleared floor space almost entirely. Created extra space on 1 shelf