Fall Organizing Offer – 1 Free Hour

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Fall Organizing Offer
Prepare now and save!

Plan ahead for your Fall organizing now and save! September is only 3 short months away. Have organizing project around your house you know you want to work on but don’t want it to interrupt your Summer? Get a free hour of organizing when booking four or more for September or October. Upon booking your preferred date and time, an extra hour will be added for free after the last hour. You will receive an email confirmation of this.

This offer is available for appointments booked in September or October only and is for any service or four or more hours. Appointments must be booked by July 31, 2018. Cancellations or changes must be done at least 7 days prior to the original appointment date or a $50 fee will be charged.

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Click this link to select your service of four or more hours and the best date and time to fit your schedule!

For questions, feel free to reach out through email at Carolyn@Organizemefrederick.com or 240-242-7152.

I look forward to working with you this Fall!


The Moving Package!

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The Moving Package

You hate moving, Organize Me! loves it.

Make both of us happy by allowing yourself the luxury of purchasing the Moving Package.

The Moving Package helps make it a lot easier and less stressful. Allow Organize Me! to take care of the little details so you can worry about other aspects of your new home journey.

The moving package includes the following:

  • 6 Hours of Packing & Organizing Assistance
  • 10 Heavy Duty Medium Sized boxes
  • 10 Heavy Duty Small Sized boxes
  • 1 Large Roll of Bubble Wrap
  • 50 Sheets of Packing Paper
  • 1 Roll of Shipping Tape
  • Additional necessary supplies for labeling such as markers, scissors, box labels.
  • Savings of 10% from Organize Me!’s regular fee for any additional organizing time or packing supplies needed to complete your project

This bundled package has a total savings of 20%. Whether you focus on money saved, time saved or sanity saved; The Moving Package is sure to make your move to your new home a little easier to manage!

To Purchase for your move, click here: Purchase The Moving Package

For questions, visit the Contact Page to get in touch with Organize Me!


  • Additional 10% discount may only be used to complete a moving project begun with Organize Me!
  • Organize Me! is responsible for the purchase and providing of all supplies listed. Products purchased are solely at the discretion of Organize Me!
  • The Moving Package includes the products listed above as well as home organizing services. Organizing services includes packing, sorting, recycling, trashing, handling, viewing and other necessary means to assist in a moving project. Organizing services do not include cleaning or furniture installation or disassembly or moving services.
  • Package is for six hours. If this time is split, the total six hours must be used within one weeks’ time.
  • Organize Me! is not responsible for items damaged during a move after packing and organizing services are received.

Introducing the Very Organized Person Program

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Very Organized Person Program

Organize Me!’s Loyalty Reward Program

thank you very organized person


Week after week, month after month, year after year. We work hard together to get your home organized. Organize Me! appreciates the trust you place in its hands! You allow Organize Me! into your home and around your stuff. It’s time to repay you.


The program is simple, it works like this:

  • Spend $1,000 in organizing time to be welcomed into the Very Organized Person Program
  • Receive two free hours of home organizing
  • Receive 10% of free organizing for every $1,000 spent after that
    • $2,000 = 4 hours for free
    • $3,000 = 6 hours for free
    • $4,000 = 8 hours for free
    • And so on!

There are no time restrictions for how fast you must earn you hours. You could take 2 years reaching the $2,000 mark and that would be fine! This is a rolling total, so you for every time you buy home organizing, you will be adding to your total! Additionally, your free hours may to be used for any home organizing project of your choice. Hours may be added to time you have already purchased.

The Rules and boring (but important) stuff:

  • Time must be used for the future and may not refund past purchases.
  • Total dollar amounts are calculated based on actual spending. This means, money received for home organizing projects which have been completed. Refunds or discounts will be deducted from the total organizing time you have accumulated.
  • Total dollars spent does not include the purchase of products such as storage bins.
  • Free hours given through the Very Organized Person Program expire in one year of earning.

For more information, contact Organize Me!
Email: organizemefrederick@gmail.com
Phone: 240-242-7152
Message me on Facebook!

Spring Cleaning Package

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Lose Weight in Clutter Package

Organize Me!’s spring cleaning package offering

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It seems like we never stop moving. From the moment we wake up to the time we lay back in bed at night, we are busy. Every day we take care of the tasks in our lives that need to get done. Meanwhile the things we want to get done never actually seem to get completed. Spring is the perfect season to get those large tasks done. Don’t have the time or energy though? Let Organize Me! relieve you from the task you want to do but simply don’t have the time.

Sound like a good idea but not even sure which project you want Organize Me! to complete? Here is a list of some ideas to get your ideas flowing.

  • How about having a clear garage, so you can actually park your car in it
  • Get rid of all the items you have collected as the years have gone by
  • Remove unused toys and clothes from yourself and your children
  • What about that area where everyone leaves their stuff everyday?

Got some other thoughts on what you want to do in your house? Let me know! There are tons of project we can make work for you. Not to mention, when you book Lose Weight in Clutter, you get more than just the 6 hours of organizing. Additionally you will receive products to increase your likelihood for keeping organized.

Ready to take the next step? Schedule your organizing package here

Online scheduling

Want to pay in advance too? Looking to give yourself a reason not to back out? Buy here

Lose Weight In Clutter

Losing Weight in Clutter

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Lose weight in clutter this Spring and receive products to help keep the weight off!

Are you ready to lose weight in clutter this Spring? Most people are getting their bodies bathing suit ready but how about your house?  Your house has collected clutter during the cold, wet winter months. Let me work to lift the weight of that clutter and have your house spring ready!

When you book the Lose Your Weight in Clutter package, you will receive products to keep an organized home. This will help you not only being organizationally fit now; but for months to come. When the Spring cleaning season is here, we are all itching to get outside. We would rather be taking care of our yard, enjoying the warm weather and watching our kid’s sports games.

Organize Me! will knock out your winter clutter and get you outside for Spring. You focus on losing weight for bathing suit season, I’ll focus on losing your clutter weight.

Lose Your Weight in Clutter includes:

  • 6 Hours of Home Organizing
  • 3 Medium sized 9-gallon storage bin with latch on lid
  • 1 Large vacuum seal bags

Lose Your Weight in Clutter is available for purchase now until April 30th, 2017. Package is redeemable after purchase until May 31st, 2017. This package does not include cleaning services or chronic disorganization services such as hoarding. Additionally, it is only available for household organizing services and all six hours must be used in one day.

Visit this link to purchase and schedule your Spring cleaning!

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Purchase & Schedule Organizing

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Overwhelming Laundry

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Your laundry nightmares = My enjoyment!

Purchase and book The Clothing Bonanza package on the Buy & Schedule page!

Your family most certainly has backed up loads of laundry that never end. You are probably feeling like you can never keep up or that all you do is laundry. Let Organize Me! relieve this burden from you. Allowing Organize Me! to help you dig out from your laundry troubles will save you loads of time (pun intended!)

The Clothing Bonanza package is perfect for busy families who just don’t want to waste their family time. Whatever your family needs as far as laundry needs, is what I will provide. Maybe you simply want me to collect, wash, dry and fold your laundry. You may even want more. Organize Me! is ready to do all of the previous listed and any of the following listed below.

  • Sorting based on family member
  • Separating based on season
  • Sorting based on where items need to be put away
  • Put away laundry in designated areas
  • Storing clothing or items that aren’t seasonally necessary
  • Sorting any items for trash or donation
  • Laundry may include clothes, towels, bedding, etc
  • Any other tasks we discuss


overwhelming laundry folded-laundry

If you are ready to get rid of your piles of laundry all over your house, call Organize Me! I am excited to tackle all of your laundry troubles and get your clothes back to neat piles. Rescue yourself today with The Clothing Bonanza package!