Accessory Organizing & Storage

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Accessory Organizing & Storage
Tips & Products from Organize Me!

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This one is for all of you with oodles of accessories and no where to put them! Whether it be earrings, watches, scarves or hats, there is a better way to get it organized! You probably have a piece of jewelry (or two!) that you know you have, but don’t know where it went. That means it is probably an excellent time to get organized and find it.

You might start seeing a pattern. With all my projects, the most important first step is to sort through everything. This is the one, sure fire way to make an improvement. If you simply take stuff out and put it back, nothing will change. It will take time (but that’s why Organize Me! is here) and thought but it will help. So,

  1. Sort everything and make decisions
  2. Trash broken accessories. If a pair is missing, set it aside for a week or two in case you find the other.
  3. Donate pieces you don’t wear (be honest!) or no longer like
  4. Store away accessories that aren’t season appropriate
  5. See what’s left. Find the best way for you to store each time of accessory separately. The best way for storing jewelry will not be the best way to store hats or scarves

The possibilities are endless for how you can organize your products. As always, the method greatly depends on personal preference. If you don’t like a certain method, don’t do it. You are more inclined to keep something organized if you like the method used!

  1. For hats & scarves: Hooks, hangers or clothespins
  2. For bracelets & watches: Pegs for sure. You can get creative with this and use an old bottle, a paper towel rod and so much more!
  3. For handbags: Multiple tired hooks maximize space usage. Hooks & hangers are also excellent
  4. For necklaces: Hooks that hang separately are essential to avoid tangling!
  5. For rings: You can get creative with this! No tangling here. The most popular choice is padded storage boxes or small jars
  6. For earrings: The challenge is keeping them paired! Try a cork board, ribbon or a storage box with small compartments

For the best collection of all these ideas and so many more, check out Organize Me’s! Pinterest page. When you are ready to sort through your tangled jewelry, contact Organize Me!

Shoe Organizing Tips and Products

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Shoe Organizing from Organize Me!

Tips & Products

There are numerous ways to store the multiple pairs of shoes in your household. What you choose will depend greatly on your preference and what works for your home. Some of my favorite products are the ones that allow you to store the greatest amount of shoes without spending a great deal of money.

Before beginning your shoe organizing journey, it is important to keep this tips in mind:

  • Sort through your shoes to eliminate pairs no longer needed
  • Ensure all shoes have a match. If not, keep the singles for about a week and see if the other turns up
  • Trash shoes you can’t find the match to or that are heavily worn and no longer useful
  • Donate shoes that are still in good condition
  • If you have only worn the shoe, say, once last season it may be time to say goodbye
  • Bag up all the shoes you are no longer keeping and remove them from the area. This will help you get a better idea of how many shoes you have to work with
  • Store shoes that are out of season such a boots. Consider using a plastic, clear bin which can fit under your bed

Whether your shoes are stored in an entryway, a closet or a bedroom there are hundreds of products available for organizing. Products may range from storing a single pair of shoes up to dozens. Products generally come in a few different categories. While I’d like to spend time reviewing all the products, it would take me all day! Here are the general categories:

  • Shelves/Cubbies
  • Bins with lids
  • Buckets
  • Over the door hangers
  • Drawers
  • Hanging organizers


shoe storage seat

One of my all time favorites (and always has been since I was little!) is a product like this. While not always practical for the cost, I love that it also provides a bench. It stores about 18 pairs of shoes which is pretty decent sized but it does cost about $100-$200 depending on the style. That’s about $5-$10 per pair of shoes! Purchase here


4 tier shoe rackA more cost effective shelf is shown here. Great for closets or entryways. This particular rack is 4 tiers and stores up to 20 pairs of shoes for around $25! That’s better, for about $.80 per pair of shoes. Purchase here

shoe storage boxes clearIf you are looking for a storage solution which holds one pair of shoes per unit, then the individual clear storage box may be best for you. These are stack-able, making it easy to use space wisely. A set of 12 boxes cost about $13, making it just over $1 per pair of shoe. Purchase here
Finally, I’ll review some storage solutions that are great for a closet. You can either get a product that hangs over your door or one that hangs in with your clothes. Both products types have pretty good value, usually around $1 per pair of shoes. They come in many different styles and sizes from 8 pairs to nearly 40!! Purchase over the door product here and the hanger here
For more tips & help on how to organize your shoes contact Organize Me! Also, visit my Pinterest to check out some more shoe organizing ideas.

Outdoor & Indoor Storage Shelf

outdoor shelf organized

Attractive shelf to get your outdoor items organized

If you have tools, watering cans, bug spray, toys and other items laying around outside, this shelf will help!

Once that warm weather hits, we all love to be outside. The lawn gets taken care of and we also get out and have fun! However, items left behind in the yard or stacked up outside the house can be an eyesore. When it will get used again soon, why not create a storage system right outside for it?!

While there are hundreds of products out there to keep your outdoor space organized, most are unattractive. If you are looking for a product to leave outside all seasons, then an industrial looking product may be best. However, if you are prepared to clear off your shelf at the end of fall then this product is for you. It’s cute and functional. It may not be best for all seasons so bringing it inside once cold weather hits is a good choice.

outdoor indoor shelf outdoor shelf collapsedWith excellent reviews and a decent price, this is one product we should all consider! Get outside, get stuff done and enjoy the weather. Keep your yard easily tidy when your done by utilizing the various shelves. The best part is that it has holes so water isn’t a problem and it easy collapses, too!

Check out the product & reviews here:

Messy Car Solutions

clean car

Messy Car Solutions from Organize Me!

If you are anything like me, you might feel like you live out of your car. Life gets busy and we end up with tons of stuff in our car. If you are fed up with the stuff in your car and need a change then this article is for you!

One item that I am fond of helps keep the clutter you need to have in your car in order. A simple space organizer can make all the difference in keeping your items to a confined space (especially if you are driving on 270 and need to slam on your brakes!) Here is one example of such a product:

AutoExec® File Tote Grey with Black

This one is available from Staples (one of my favorite places!). It’s $55 and includes several different size and shaped pockets for various items. A product like this may be good for your front seat to keep things easily accessible, but not when you’re driving! It would also be excellent for kids in the backseat to keep their toys in order. The trunk, of course, would benefit from this as well. Instead of having things roll around back there, keep them contained.


Combining Classical And Bright Style High Rave Reviews Single Backseat OrganizerHere is a classic back of the seat organizer. This can be especially helpful for long drives or for everyday use if you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. This product can help to keep you safer while driving. Instead of tending to your kids or grandkids about whatever they may need, they can reach it themselves! You can stock this with books, tissues, snacks, chapstick or whatever else you need to keep them distracted while you drive. These are really affordable for approximately $15!!


Rubbermaid Mobile Triple Cargo Organizer

If you have a lot of activity in your vehicle, you may need something more heavy-duty. This product can store more and larger items. You may be taking your kids or grandkids to various athletic activities or other school events. An excellent idea for this product is extra changes of clothes. This product can strap into your hatchback or truck and be extremely useful! Depending on where you purchase it, the cost is approximately $20.


Here are some final quick tips to keep your car organized.

  • Try to only bring to your car what you really need
  • Anytime you stop for gas or anywhere with a trash can, take a few things out
  • When you get home at the end of the day, take a few extra items inside with you
  • On the weekends, spend 10 minutes removing and tidying items

For help getting your vehicle back in order, contact Organize Me!


29 Spring Cleaning Essentials

cleaning spring organizing

29 Spring Cleaning Essentials to Tackle your Mess

Here is a review of some spring cleaning products that can help you. Some are pretty basic and some are extensive but they will help you get the job done. Combine all the products and your are sure to have a spotless home this Spring!

  • Invisible Glass, glass cleaner
  • Bissell Cleanview Upright vacuum
  • Swiffer Duster 360
  • Mr. Clean Gloves
  • OxiClean Stain removers
  • Heinz Vinegar
  • Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap
  • Plant Therapy Cleaning set
  • Greenshield Organic Surface wipes
  • For the full list…..

Click here!

Got a favorite product that you use to clean your home? Feel free to share it in the comments! For help tackling your spring cleaning clutter, contact Organize Me!

Organizing for Small Spaces

bike shelf

Smart Organizing Ideas for Small Spaces

If you have a small home or are just caught up with the small living trends, this article is for you!

Utilize stair space. Sometimes necessity brings about the best and most creative ideas. A shortage of space is an inspiring dilemma with potentially great results. In order to make use of absolutely every available space, try under the steps

Get a combo table. Every small-space dweller knows that hidden storage and two-in-one furniture make coping with space limitations just a bit easier. Get a coffee table that can double as a dinner table

Use open shelving. If your kitchen is short on cupboards or if you just want to make it seem more spacious, opt for open shelving.  

Office Spaces.  Turn your spare closet into so much more than a storage compartment. Create a tidy home office that you can shut away when it’s not in use.

Books. Rather than attempting to squeeze even more cumbersome bookshelves into your petite home, choose a book tower. Towers allow you to stack your books and take advantage of vertical space.

Pantry Space. If your spare closet is near the kitchen, it could serve as a pantry and a great place to store excess kitchen supplies.

Loft Beds & Bunk Beds! For older children and even adults, a loft bed is a great way to leave floor space open. It takes advantage of otherwise unused space and makes it possible to add a desk or a seating area in a small room that would have been otherwise overwhelmed by a large bed.

Creative Solutions. If you can’t space any closet space, try pigging backing the creative ideas of others. Check out ideas on HGTV

Bike Storage Needed? If you’re a biker living in an apartment, you probably know how difficult it is to keep your prized possession safe from harm as well as out of the way. Check out this nifty bike shelf from Knife & Saw.

Use convertible furniture.  Luckily, convertible furniture makes it easy to switch from office to bedroom to dining area with just a few simple moves.

For the full article and all the products & photos, click here:

books organized shelf open shelf small space

Product for Garden Tool Organizing

rubbermain tool organizer

Great organizer for gardening tool

Have gardening tools that have turned into a messy disaster? This is an awesome product for you!

Maybe part of the reason your garage or shed seems so messy is because of the tools everywhere. It can be difficult for sure to keep different tools standing up the same. Shovels don’t stand up the same as brooms. Those long handles end up laying everywhere and creating a mess. This is a great product from Rubbermaid and is fairly inexpensive. This awesome holder has also received great reviews and holds many tools!

Check out the full product here:

Get your garage or shed organized this Spring! You’ll probably save yourself an injury too, since you won’t be tripping on your tools!

messy garage organized garage

7 Prudent Pantry Hacks

food storage organization

Check out some great ways to make the most of the space you have. Some of these tips are great!

Here are the tips from Canadian Home Trends:

It’s all too easy to let your pantry get away from you and much like your bedroom closet, the more you have the harder it is to keep track of it all. Lucky for fashion junkies, clothes don’t spoil, get stale or grow mould; the same simply can’t be said for our food. Check out these seven creative hacks for keeping this important space under control.

  • Use towel rods, mounted on the inside of your pantry door, to organize the lids for your pots and pans. This way, lids are easily accessible, and you can free up valuable drawer space.
  • Self-adhesive hooks are another inexpensive solution for pot and pan lids
  • Hang mesh laundry bags and use them to store onions and potatoes to keep them fresh and off the floor.
  • Install under-shelf racks and store literally twice as much.
  • Attach a magazine rack to dead wall space and use it to store anything from Tupperware lids to saran wrap to cookbooks to cutting boards.
  • Hang a shower caddy and use it to store fresh produce.
  • Use hangers to keep your half-eaten potato chips from getting shoved to the back of the pantry where they’ll be crushed and ultimately forgotten.

Here is the link from Canadian Home Trends:

Home Office Organizing

organized home office

Creative Organization Ideas for Your Home Office

It’s hard to get work done when your home office is a mess. Most of us just don’t know where to start or what works best to get organized. There are thousands of ideas out there in the world. Here are some quick tips from Canadian Home Trends on how to get your office organized. Click the link below for the full article and some impactful pictures.

  • Get an out box
  • Build colored binders
  • Use a Murphy desk – it can be tucked into the wall when not in use and is easier to keep clutter free
  • Keep receipts organized
  • Hide your printer
  • Label wires and cords
  • Setup an office pegboard organization system
  • Use a rolling cart next to your desk
  • A shoe organizer is great for mail
  • Use small bowls or trays for items

Got anymore great organizing tips for home offices? Leave your in the comments below!

Cute Travel Bags

Baggie All: Buy One, Get One FREE

Get TWO for the Price of ONE.
Baggie All: Buy One, Get One FREE

Introducing a stylish-yet-practical way to organize your belongings. The Baggie All is the ultimate organization system for loose items; it works great as a purse organizer, travel toiletry bag and gym bag organizer. A multitude of stylish colors allow you to arrange similar items together so that you can quickly find gym toiletries versus phone accessories. Three zippered pockets add three-times the organization, keeping your office items separate from your personal products. Now, aren’t you just SO organized!

Uses for the Baggie All: Purse organizer, Travel toiletry bag, Phone accessories organizer, Makeup bag, School supplies organizer, Diaper bag organizer, Stocking stuffer, Gift giving


  • Buy One, Get One FREE (select both patterns below)
  • 3 zippered pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Water-resistant
  • Size: 8.5” x 7.5”

Check out the product here: