Organizing Products: To Buy or Not To Buy?

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Even with the introduction of “Tidying Up” featuring Marie Kondo, people still have a lot of questions about home organizing. Upon meeting me for the first time and discovering that I’m a home organizer, I hear several of the same responses.

The classic line that starts with a laugh: “You don’t want to see my house” or “Do you have a whole month to help me?”

The similar minded: “I love organizing and always wanted to start a business like that”

Or the inquisitive: “How do you go about organizing?”

And the line that leads me to this article: “So do you get baskets and totes and help people put stuff away?”

While storage systems and containers are extremely useful and often come in handy, they aren’t the first place I jump to. When I help a client organize, I encourage them to first complete the organizing process or at least get a few hours in before purchasing storage items. This of course can vary for different situations, but I generally follow this rule.

Why wait? There are a few benefits. Primarily, home organizing is about sorting and letting go. Often times, clients may feel that there isn’t a ton they want to let go of but as the hours tick by, they feel empowered and are just done with their clutter. Giving items away to those in need becomes a relieving and fantastic feeling. Clients may end up with less stuff than they originally believed they would.

As part of the organizing process, I have found many containers, shelving units, hangers and cubbies not being utilized fully. I can count on one hand the number of clients I’ve had that needed to purchase more organizing products. My ability to find the best ways to maximize the space and products available nearly eliminates the need to spend on more.

Often times I also see clients attempt to use organizing products that only cause more clutter. Certain items (such as systems that are difficult to put together or flimsy systems) don’t ever get used properly. They end up shoved in a corner only taking up more space.

So, not to buy seems to be the way I lean. For someone who is looking to completely redesign or who wants an area to be completely matching; purchasing can definitely be beneficial. If you do purchase, chose high quality items that will be worth your money. Cheaper plastic bins and totes crack or shatter easy. Flimsy drawer dividers can become more of a nuisance than helpful.

My final suggestions – give home organizing a try and sort through your belongings before spending your hard earned money on products that will take up more space!


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