Too Embarrassed to Declutter

I’m too embarrassed to Declutter

Have you ever looked around your home and thought you really needed to declutter? You have great intentions and you start sorting but it’s a slow process. You ponder what to do with each object or remember the story that goes along with it. You look up and it’s been a half an hour and you’ve actually made a larger mess.

Now you realize you need help. But from who? You’re family or friends can’t help because they’re busy or you’ll feel like you owe them. Maybe it’s that you don’t like their opinions but don’t want to burn bridges. Turns out you need this ‘home organizer’ thing you’ve been hearing about on television.

A stranger? In your home. With your clutter. No way – the embarrassment is too much. How can you show someone else the mess your family has made? So you don’t call and you don’t get help. The clutter sits there or maybe even builds and it continually stresses you out. How on Earth with it ever get taken care of? You cave and reach out to me but you still are nervous.

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Rest assured, you are not alone. You are NOT the only one with clutter and dirt and embarrassing piles. In fact, all of the families I have visited are just like you. Exactly like you. Let me guess, you’re going to clean a little before I get there? Don’t bother. You want to know if your house is the worst I’ve ever seen? Nope, it’s not. Stop overthinking and criticizing yourself. I have seen homes like yours before and I’m not going to judge you. I don’t care if your doors won’t open all the way, I have to step on things or if you have crumbs on your floor.

I’m more concerned about the person standing in front of me who doesn’t know where to start. The person who just doesn’t have to ability to think in rows like I do, who looks at the clutter and can’t take it. My goal is to clear your home, get it in order and see the look on your face when you can’t believe the mess is finally gone. I aim to hear you tell me that you sat in your newly organized room and just took it in.

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If I have learned one thing from visiting all different kinds of people and homes, is that we are more alike than you might realize. We all have stress, even though it may come in different forms. It may be overdue bills, broken families, stories of fragile pasts, loss of loved ones, a job that’s too much, loss of a job and so much more. Organizing becomes a personal experience that has often lead to friendships.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed, remember that I care more about you as a person than your clutter. I have become immune to your piles, dirt, broken items, private items and everything else. I don’t care what you have, I just want to get it in order.

When you need a friend in organizing, reach out to Organize Me!


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