Introducing the Very Organized Person Program

Very Organized Person Program

Organize Me!’s Loyalty Reward Program

thank you very organized person


Week after week, month after month, year after year. We work hard together to get your home organized. Organize Me! appreciates the trust you place in its hands! You allow Organize Me! into your home and around your stuff. It’s time to repay you.


The program is simple, it works like this:

  • Spend $1,000 in organizing time to be welcomed into the Very Organized Person Program
  • Receive two free hours of home organizing
  • Receive 10% of free organizing for every $1,000 spent after that
    • $2,000 = 4 hours for free
    • $3,000 = 6 hours for free
    • $4,000 = 8 hours for free
    • And so on!

There are no time restrictions for how fast you must earn you hours. You could take 2 years reaching the $2,000 mark and that would be fine! This is a rolling total, so you for every time you buy home organizing, you will be adding to your total! Additionally, your free hours may to be used for any home organizing project of your choice. Hours may be added to time you have already purchased.

The Rules and boring (but important) stuff:

  • Time must be used for the future and may not refund past purchases.
  • Total dollar amounts are calculated based on actual spending. This means, money received for home organizing projects which have been completed. Refunds or discounts will be deducted from the total organizing time you have accumulated.
  • Total dollars spent does not include the purchase of products such as storage bins.
  • Free hours given through the Very Organized Person Program expire in one year of earning.

For more information, contact Organize Me!
Phone: 240-242-7152
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