New Baby Home Organizing

Room by Room Organizing Guide

Here’s a welcome dose of reality—trustworthy advice from organizing pros that will help you prepare your entire home for baby’s arrival.

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Many  parents move their baby into their bedroom for late-night feedings. Prepare your bedroom now! Create a relaxing space and be sure to place other necessities nearby. Include a low light, a CD player, tissues, and a pad of paper or feeding log. If you’re breastfeeding, include breast pads, soothing gel packs for sore nipples, and a case of bottled water underneath the table for late-night thirst attacks. A U-shaped nursing cushion to support the baby will be helpful, too.

After childbirth, your doctor will probably give you several medical supplies to help with your physical recovery. The key is to keep everything together. Your supplies could be kept on the bathroom counter, a shelf, or even in a basket on the floor. Just don’t keep them in separate places, or you may be frustrated by not having necessary feminine toiletries when you need them most!

Outside of the bathroom and bedroom, the kitchen is probably the most important place in the house. And the best thing for postpartum moms is to stay out of there as much as possible. To do this, ask your friends for help.Stock up on meals – It’s a great way to focus that nesting impulse that happens in the third trimester. A well-stocked pantry should also have simple foods like snacks.

The kitchen is also a good place to keep important contact information such as phone numbers of the hospital, your cell phone, your obstetrician and pediatrician, your lactation consultant, and your closest relatives and friends.

Family room
The family room is an ideal place to welcome guests, as long as you have a way to cut visits short when you feel overwhelmed! This could be as simple as keeping a robe nearby and putting in on before guests visit. Also, keep a mini-changing station in the family room to eliminate the need to trek to the nursery to change dirty diapers.  A portable diaper caddy can help you easily move belongings from room to room, while keeping your supplies within arm’s reach.

Laundry room
You have to do the laundry, and this chore is only going to get bigger when you add a new member to the household. Try not to tackle multiple piles of clothing at once. Try keeping soiled clothes in the laundry room, instead of spread throughout the house. It will eliminate the overwhelming feeling of having dirty laundry in several rooms. If your clothing piles stack up too high, ask for help.  The local laundromat probably offers a wash-dry-fold service for about the same price as having a few suits dry cleaned.

Home office
Even if your office is just a corner of a room, create a file system now for handling insurance information, hospital records, and manuals. Use baskets to organize incoming mail, plug in a baby-safe shredder, and collect junk mail and newspapers for recycling. Keep a large trash can there for tossing it all out. The items that you are not going to toss should be kept in a safe, dry place.

baby organized homeWelcome home
Using your last burst of nesting energy for practical organization and planning is a much smarter alternative to impulse shopping or over-decorating the nursery. If you take steps now to get your home ready, when the big day comes, you won’t have to worry about anything but getting to know your new bundle of joy. And when you forget a few things? No worries—your first few days at home with baby will be wonderful and exciting, no matter how scattered you feel.

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