Downsizing Your Home

7 Tips for Downsizing Your Home
Organizing and Simplifying Your Empty Nest

Get motivated. Consider what you hope to get out of the simplification process and keep that motivation with you as you go along

Don’t get organized. It’s easy to just start organizing and storing what you have. What you need is to be honest about what you don’t need and clear some items away first.

Do a room to room purge. Getting rid of clutter can be an emotional process. If you’re going through the belongings of an adult kid who has moved out, try to have them present if possible . Be firm in your desire to get rid of anything that’s no longer meaningful or necessary.

Get the help of a friend. Having a friend or non-immediate family member there when you go through your closet, garage or kids’ rooms can help you. This may help to be more impartial and break emotional attachments towards your belongings.

Get re-organized. Once you’ve removed all throwaway and give-away items from your home, then is the time to get organized. Sort items and store in places where they can be easily accessed, and buy any organization supplies necessary — but only once you’ve determined a real need for them.

De-clutter your digital life-. Unsubscribe from unwanted email newsletters, delete old documents that you no longer need and organize photos and important paperwork into labeled folders. You can also further reduce physical clutter by digitizing CDs, DVDs, photo collections, important documents and more.

Change your habits. Once you have a clean, well-organized and simplified home, you’ll be more likely to keep it that way: Research has found that people are significantly less likely to litter in clean environments than already-littered ones, and the same theory applies to home clutter as well.

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pet home organizing
pet home organizing

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Organizing for Small Spaces

bike shelf

Smart Organizing Ideas for Small Spaces

If you have a small home or are just caught up with the small living trends, this article is for you!

Utilize stair space. Sometimes necessity brings about the best and most creative ideas. A shortage of space is an inspiring dilemma with potentially great results. In order to make use of absolutely every available space, try under the steps

Get a combo table. Every small-space dweller knows that hidden storage and two-in-one furniture make coping with space limitations just a bit easier. Get a coffee table that can double as a dinner table

Use open shelving. If your kitchen is short on cupboards or if you just want to make it seem more spacious, opt for open shelving.  

Office Spaces.  Turn your spare closet into so much more than a storage compartment. Create a tidy home office that you can shut away when it’s not in use.

Books. Rather than attempting to squeeze even more cumbersome bookshelves into your petite home, choose a book tower. Towers allow you to stack your books and take advantage of vertical space.

Pantry Space. If your spare closet is near the kitchen, it could serve as a pantry and a great place to store excess kitchen supplies.

Loft Beds & Bunk Beds! For older children and even adults, a loft bed is a great way to leave floor space open. It takes advantage of otherwise unused space and makes it possible to add a desk or a seating area in a small room that would have been otherwise overwhelmed by a large bed.

Creative Solutions. If you can’t space any closet space, try pigging backing the creative ideas of others. Check out ideas on HGTV

Bike Storage Needed? If you’re a biker living in an apartment, you probably know how difficult it is to keep your prized possession safe from harm as well as out of the way. Check out this nifty bike shelf from Knife & Saw.

Use convertible furniture.  Luckily, convertible furniture makes it easy to switch from office to bedroom to dining area with just a few simple moves.

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21 Tips on Keeping a Simple Home with Kids

messy kid toys
Keeping a Simple Home with Kids
Ever feel like your kids as wreaking havoc on your home? Always running behind them to clean up? Check out this detailed list of tips and advice on how to make your life easier. Get the full scoop from the link below from

Any parent knows that kids create clutter like nobody’s business.

It’s enough to drive a simplifier such as myself crazy. Still, with a little diligence, and a little bit of Zen detachment, it’s possible to have a simple, (relatively) uncluttered home as well as peace of mind.

Let me first state the obvious: any life that includes children is going to be complicated, at least to some degree. You’ll never get an absolute minimalist lifestyle with kids, and I’ve learned to accept that. While my minimalist inner self would like to live without a car, a cell phone, or a large house, my kids preclude those things from happening.

However, I have found ways to simplify my house, including the kids’ rooms. Sure, the house still gets messy — especially their rooms. But it’s not as bad as it once was, and it’s at a manageable level.

Here are my tips for simplifying your home with kids:

  1. Identify the important
  2. Massively purge
  3. Leave space
  4. Contain
  5. Bins
  6. Cubbies
  7. A home for everything
  8. Organize like with like
  9. One place for school papers
  10. Teach them to clean
  11. Allow them to mess
  12. Purge at Christmas, birthdays.
  13. Do regular decluttering
  14. Less is more
  15. Go for quality
  16. Learn to accept
  17. Buy less
  18. Clean as you go
  19. Clean before bed
  20. 30-minute cleanups
  21. Prep time

For the full details on each tip, visit this link:
baby gift organize son organize family

Creating New Habits

Creating New Habits in Your Life

We all say there are things in our lives that we want to change or do. It can be easy to simply state that you are going to start a new diet or exercise regimen. You may also be hopeful that you will be more organized in life moving forward. Most of us probably don’t realize what it takes for these goals to stick permanently.  A range of information is available about how to build habits and how long it takes. Regardless of the source, time and repetition are essential to the success of creating habits.

So, what is the actual time commitment we are looking at to get these new habits in order? Based on an article by, the average time for a habit to stick is 66 days!  This information is based on a study completed of 96 participants and routines they were building. If you are ready to change for the long haul, here are some tips to help you stay successful.

  • Persistence is a must
  • Get support from people
  • Early on, set reminders
  • Aim for one habit at a time
  • Know that it’s difficult

You will have the most success if you are honest with yourself from the beginning. To know that it will be difficult and you need to keep at it from the start will help you during the hard days. There may be days that you don’t feel like doing the said task. Think about the finish and take it one day at a time. If you think you may easily give up, tell others about your new habit. Sharing what you are aiming for will help you to be held accountable. If you think your problem may be forgetting, set a reminder. You can use your phone, computer, an alarm clock or a simple written note. Eventually, your body will remember on its own. Just know, that it may take 66 days (or more!) to get your habit down.

For more information on building habits and the study completed, visit

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Organizing Your Home Without Getting Overwhelmed

shelf organized
Organizing Your Home Without Getting Overwhelmed
Do’s and Don’t

Organizing your home may be an item on your do to list that never seems to go away. Looking around your house at piles of stuff and wondering how it will all be cleaned up may create a great deal of stress. In addition to feeling flat out overwhelmed, we are tired, busy and just don’t want to clean. The task of organizing isn’t one that most people enjoy. Therefore, it sits and sits on to do list.

If your goal is to start facing those overwhelming piles, then some useful tips may come in handy. Below is a list of ten do’s and don’ts for tackling organizing without it making you crazy. These tips are based how I complete organizational projects as well as tips that I have used to help others.

  1. Do one area at a time. Pick one stop and conquer it, even if it’s one square foot.
  2. Do a limited amount of time. Start with only fifteen-thirty minutes a day.
  3. Do get rid of things you haven’t used in a year. If you don’t use it, someone else may!
  4. Do a little every day. Or at least aim for once or twice a week.
  5. Do create a home for every item. Even if it’s just a folder, drawer or bucket.
  6. Don’t just move items around. If you move it behind you, you will only have to see it again later
  7. Don’t make snap decisions. If you’re unsure, think it over for a few minutes or ask someone else
  8. Don’t work until you feel overwhelmed. Getting to this point will make you never want to return
  9. Don’t keep things you didn’t even remember you had. Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t need it!
  10. Don’t give up. Before you know it, this will be a habit!

Product for Garden Tool Organizing

rubbermain tool organizer

Great organizer for gardening tool

Have gardening tools that have turned into a messy disaster? This is an awesome product for you!

Maybe part of the reason your garage or shed seems so messy is because of the tools everywhere. It can be difficult for sure to keep different tools standing up the same. Shovels don’t stand up the same as brooms. Those long handles end up laying everywhere and creating a mess. This is a great product from Rubbermaid and is fairly inexpensive. This awesome holder has also received great reviews and holds many tools!

Check out the full product here:

Get your garage or shed organized this Spring! You’ll probably save yourself an injury too, since you won’t be tripping on your tools!

messy garage organized garage

Moving & Packing Tips

packing box stuff

Moving and packing tips article link from Organize Me!

Nine tips to make sure your valuables come out of their boxes in good shape.

Pretty much everyone hates moving right? A few tips might make it a little easier and less stressful during the process. These tips can be beneficial for both the family that is moving and the company that may be moving the items. Below is an overview of these tips.

  • Use the right size boxes.
  • Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, lighter items on top.
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box
  • Label each box with the room it’s destined for and describe its contents
  • Tape boxes well
  • If you’re moving expensive art, ask your mover about special crating.
  • Bundle breakables.
  • Consider other items that will need special treatment.

Check out the article website here:

Why you should shred your personal mail

organize paper piles

Why you should shred your personal mail

Article from Today

Have you ever been concerned about your trash and the information you put in it? We get all kinds of information in the mail. We simply do not have the time to go through each piece and realize most of it is trash. So what do we do? Throw it away. This article suggests that this possibly is not the best choice. The story outlined by Jim Stickley shows how easily it can be for someone to gain access to your personal information.

Think about what is in your trash. Credit card offers, statements, utility bills and private invitations. Some of these articles of mail include account information and payment records. Based on the article, it is easy for people to pose as companies and contact you for further information based on data from your mail. These individuals can easily take your trash once it is placed out on your curb for pickup.

Lucky, there are ways to protect yourself from this type of identity theft. Consider the following options:

  • Buying a personal shredding for your home and complete shredding at least once a week
  • Bring your documents to a secure location for proper shredding, such as Staples
  • Purchase an ID protector which is an ink stamp that will block out sensitive information

If you are concerned or unsure about whether you should be concerned about shredding your documents, check out the full story.

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Spring Cleaning Package

organized garage

Lose Weight in Clutter Package

Organize Me!’s spring cleaning package offering

attic organizing afterorganize bathroom

It seems like we never stop moving. From the moment we wake up to the time we lay back in bed at night, we are busy. Every day we take care of the tasks in our lives that need to get done. Meanwhile the things we want to get done never actually seem to get completed. Spring is the perfect season to get those large tasks done. Don’t have the time or energy though? Let Organize Me! relieve you from the task you want to do but simply don’t have the time.

Sound like a good idea but not even sure which project you want Organize Me! to complete? Here is a list of some ideas to get your ideas flowing.

  • How about having a clear garage, so you can actually park your car in it
  • Get rid of all the items you have collected as the years have gone by
  • Remove unused toys and clothes from yourself and your children
  • What about that area where everyone leaves their stuff everyday?

Got some other thoughts on what you want to do in your house? Let me know! There are tons of project we can make work for you. Not to mention, when you book Lose Weight in Clutter, you get more than just the 6 hours of organizing. Additionally you will receive products to increase your likelihood for keeping organized.

Ready to take the next step? Schedule your organizing package here

Online scheduling

Want to pay in advance too? Looking to give yourself a reason not to back out? Buy here

Lose Weight In Clutter

25 Ways to Organize Your Entire Home -Day 10

laundry organize clothes

25 Tips in 11 days!

Follow these tips for a more organized home this Spring

Follow Organize Me! for an 11 day journey of organizing. Each day you’ll get tips to organize your whole house; with a total of 25 tips. Thinking about getting your whole house in order can be very overwhelming. You’ll never be able to accomplish it if you try to do it all at once. Projects are more likely to be completed if you break them up into doable parts.

Check out day ten below. All tips are courtesy of

Simplify Your Laundry Routine

24. Rank your products. Arrange supplies such as dryer sheets and stain lifters according to how often you use them. Anything you need regularly should be within easy reach; the rest should be stored out of sight. Make sure there’s trash can nearby for lint from the dryer.

25. Sort bedding. Reduce clutter in the linen closet by keeping a maximum of three sets of sheets per bed. That way, you can have one in use, one in the laundry and one on the shelf. To store sets neatly, put the flat and fitted sheets and one pillowcase folded inside the second pillowcase. The convenient bundles are easy to stack.

Those are all the tips from Allyou! Hopefully you can take them one at a time and make a little progress in getting your home more orderly. Check out the link article here:

laundry basket messy laundry closet